Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MIssin you baby

   It's so funny, but I enjoy writing on this board b/c it's like therapy for me.  I don't have
more than a handful of followers, and I doubt they read this blog.  But for me it's good.
I am amazed to say that I was pregnant.  I had a life growing inside me, but it was way way
tpo short.  6 weeks if that according to the RE.  Well it ended up being 9 weeks by the time the
baby completely stopped growing.   I couldn't believe the blessing that we were able to get pregnant on 
our first attempt of IVF.  It was surreal.  I guess I built myself up so much for the possibility that it 
wouldn't work, that I forgot that the possibility of miscarriage was there.  Maybe too I felt that if God let
this miracle happen, it would be for the whole pregnancy until we got to hold that darling in my arms.
But it was not for the whole pregnancy.  It was a short but oh so blissful 6 weeks.  And to say the least....
I am missing you baby.  Everyday.