Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I wish I had a microscope

 Seriously,  I wish I had a microscope to look inside my uterus to see what is going on.  Quick update:  We finally with the help of amazing family, friends, and the Grace of God made it to our first IVF.  I can't believe it!  I am so excited and grateful.  6 1/2 years after trying to figure out how to have a baby.  We get to this point.  After so many discussions, tears, plea bargains :-) We are here!  No matter the outcome (which I pray is a baby) we are so lucky to be fortunate to go through this process.
  So about that microscope.  Wouldn't it just ease our minds to be able to see how the embryos nestle into the cushy lining and grow grow grow?  In my mind I am playing this visual over and over.  Welcoming these tiny beings into our lives.  It's a miracle that we even got this far.  And now we wait and hope and pray.  All in all it is God's will and I take comfort in the fact that we have done all we can do and the rest is up to the Universe.  
Happy in Waiting, Anxious and hopeful.  Trying my hardest not to take those hpt.  ha!

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