Friday, April 9, 2010

"Let's start out at the very beginning...a very nice place to start...."

"When you sing you begin with doe, rae, me". When you dream you dream
of growing up, marrying, and having a baa, aa, by. Well I did anyways.
Dolls, babysitting, and nurturing pretty much sums up my childhood. Which actually is quite nice. I know I was blessed to have a loving upbringing. I am the youngest child in a large family. Without going into too much detail I found joy and self esteem in helping others care for their kids. I was a camp counselor, a teacher, and finally a wife. All seemed quite whimsical in a way.
I married my high school sweetheart. (Awwweeeee) His name is Brian.
So here goes..........
Flash forward to 1999. Sophomore year in college. I am diagnosed with advanced bone cancer.
I go through several rounds of chemo, radiation, and a stem cell transplant. My periods stop after the second round of chemo. I ask and plea (here starts my first plea bargaining) with God to live.  I tell God that if he lets me live I will do great things.  I will never complain about being fat again.  I will help the world be a better place.  Anything.  I just wasn't ready to die.   Oh and this is totally a side note God....but can you preserve my fertility too?
That was my plea.  I asked my nurse oncologist if I could please please save my eggs.  Anything.  She said no time.  Oh crap.  That's serious.  Ok.  No time.  I asked my radiation oncologist if the radiation to my pelvis will affect my fertility.  Probably not she said, but you never know.  Ok I said. (It's not like I could say no to my treatment.  It was saving my life.)  So I bought a fertility god bracelet from a store and wore it everyday in radiation in hopes that by some miracle the radiation would avoid my ovaries and I would somehow not become infertile.
Alas,  9 years in remission my prayers have been answered...I am alive!!!  Oh and add this side note...infertile, childless, barren, and all those words that come with it.
    Just so you know I am extremely grateful to be alive.  Grateful to God, to my docs and nurses, to my family and friends.  Grateful to be living each day and helping others as I promised.  I now am a nurse.
I decided to start this blog because some days I forget how blessed I am to be alive and I get stuck in a rut of....PUFFY EYES and Plea Bargains again.  But this time for the child I always dreamed of having. So here I am blogging.  Thanks for listening.


  1. I got you comment and accidentally rejected it, I hit the wrong link on my iPhone! Please don't take it wrong! I would love for you to recomment so I can post it! Duh!! Good luck in whatever you decide to do! DE was perfect for us! Forgive me, but what does TTC stand for? I feel like I should know this.If you go with IVF and have questions or concerns please contact me!!!

  2. Hi Becky,
    Thanks for replying. TTC means trying to conceive. Little aberv. I picked up from reading blogs. I will repost on your wall. I am not really sure if you can read if I post here.